Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium Members

Schools participating in the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Collegiate Program become members of the Consortium. Working together, Consortium members leverage individual school achievements to further strengthen and expand ethics education in the region.

Participating Schools

Vision for Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium

  • Consortium will leverage the achievements of the individual business schools - through collaboration - to further strengthen and expand ethics education in our region.
  • Consortium members will be represented by the business school deans and the designated leaders of their Ethics Initiative
  • Daniels Fund will coordinate activities of the Consortium
  • Consortium members will meet at least twice per year.
  • Members will work collaboratively, sharing expertise and resources such as curriculum, case studies, instructional approaches, and co-curricular activities.
  • Consortium website will be developed by the Daniels Fund to share and archive resources.
  • Consortium will collaboratively develop and implement measures to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the ethics initiative of the members.