Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium Members

Under the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative, eight universities will strive to strengthen principle-based ethics education for students across the Rocky Mountain region.

Vision for Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium

  • Consortium will leverage the achievements of the individual business schools - through collaboration - to further strengthen and expand ethics education in our region.
  • Consortium members will be represented by the business school deans and the designated leaders of their Ethics Initiative
  • Daniels Fund will coordinate activities of the Consortium
  • Consortium members will meet at least twice per year.
  • Members will work collaboratively, sharing expertise and resources such as curriculum, case studies, instructional approaches, and co-curricular activities.
  • Consortium website will be developed by the Daniels Fund to share and archive resources.
  • Consortium will collaboratively develop and implement measures to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the ethics initiative of the members.