Commitment to Ethics Education

Anderson School of Management is a leader in encouraging ethical and responsible business management and education. The core curriculum as well as elective courses incorporates topics and projects that focus on ethical, social, and environmental issues.

Beyond Grey Pinstripes

Anderson School of Management was ranked 19th on the Aspen Institute's Beyond Grey Pinstripes list. Beyond Grey Pinstripes is a biennial survey and alternative ranking of business schools that spotlights innovative full-time MBA programs that are integrating issues of social and environmental stewardship into curricula and research. For more information about the survey, visit

Anderson Ranked in Top 20 by Aspen Institute for Excellence on Social and Environmental Issues.

Business Ethics Courses

  • MGMT 158. Ethics in Organizations
    Introduction to ethical issues in business, government, and nonprofit organizations and how to deal with those issues. Emphasis on ethical reasoning and cases of ethical and unethical behavior in management and the professions.
  • MGMT 308. Ethical, Political and Social Environment
    The influence of environmental change on the structure and operation of the organization. Social, political, economic, ethical and technological systems are examined as they relate to each other and to the management of small- and large-scale organizations.
  • MGMT 310. Legal Issues for Managers
    A general overview of the legal system and common legal principles. Emphasis on legal topics relevant to business such as contracts and torts. Explores sources of liability and presents strategies to minimize legal risk.
  • MGMT 455. Washington Campus for Undergraduate Students
    One week intensive on "Business Leadership in Washington: The Political Marketplace" in summer on site and enrollment in 1st 8-week fall session for research project.
  • MGMT 458. Managerial Ethics
    An issues- and problems-oriented course in applied management ethics. How to reason ethically about management problems and choices. Focus is on the crises of conscience and the everyday conflicts of role and obligation that characterize our professional lives.
  • MGMT 443. Auditing
    Auditing principles and procedures; preliminary considerations, planning the audit program, classes of audits, audit reports, professional ethics and legal responsibility; case problems.
  • MGMT 463. Employment Law
    A survey of statutes and case studies of common, statutory and administrative law. Emphasis on modern employment legislation and related court and administrative decisions representing all aspects of employment law.
  • MGMT 508. Ethical, Social, Political and Legal Environment
    Influence of the external environment on management decisions and organizational welfare and how organizations affect the external environment and society. Examination of impacts of ethical, social, political, legal and technological systems and trends on management and how managers can deal with external issues.
  • MGMT 559. Law for Accountants
    An intensive examination of legal concepts underlying accounting theory and practice, selected topic in contracts, uniform commercial code, debtor-creditor relationships, business associations, government regulation of business property and professional and legal responsibility of accountants.
  • MGMT 604. Legal Topics in Management
    Contemporary legal topics relevant to an ever-changing environment.
  • MGMT 651. Regulation and Social Control of Business
    Government legislation and regulation of business activities in the U.S., including government controls of prices, regulation of public utilities, public ownership, economic planning and social regulation of environmental quality health and safety, etc.
  • MGMT 652. Public Affairs and Public Relations
    Examination of principles and practices of public affairs and public relations to develop expertise in communication with the public and participating in public policy.
  • MGMT 653. Environmental Sustainability and Business
    Intensive study of environmental responsibilities and effective strategies for environmental protection by corporations and other organizations. Topics range from current challenges to address environmental issues to innovative works of advanced thinkers about the natural environment.
  • MGMT 654. Legal Topics in Management
    Contemporary legal topics relevant to an ever-changing environment.
  • MGMT 655. Washington Campus Program
    One week intensive "Washington-Stage: A Primer on the Public Policy Process for M.B.A. Students."
  • MGMT 657. Nonprofit Management
    Introduction to the challenges of managing a nonprofit organization with a special emphasis on creativity and social entrepreneurship.
  • MGMT 658. Managerial Ethics
    This seminar will help managers and other professionals identify the ethical dimensions of issues and dilemmas they face, and provide processes and tools to create more ethical organizations.

Anderson also offers a variety of special topics course that focus on ethics and social responsibility, including Fraud Examination in accounting and Marketing and Society in the marketing area.